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My obsession comes from within, as chains holding me down to her. We made a promise to each other that as long as we never attached our feelings to it, we would be okay. “But, I have come to love you,” he told her that night. She looked at him with pity in her eyes […]

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Abducted 20

Abducted Episode 20
The is the last post on Abducted, thanks so much for following the story from the first episode till the end. The writer really appreciate everyone for being their cause if the story was written and their was no audience to read it, it would have been a wasted effort. You are all sighted and mouthed, eshey


IB 4Chapter 20

IB thanked the nice receptionist in the well-furnished reception before heading up the staircase. She judged an office not from its building but from the reception. The reception area of IKANEX was comforting. The decor was simple and made you feel relaxed. The central air conditioning system ensured that the room stayed cool. The waiting area had sofas arranged in a u-shape and a flat screen television was presently showing a movie on African Magic. There were also business and other magazines on a shelf in the room for those interested.

The receptionist was very friendly and had a nice smile. Ib had noticed a few closed doors downstairs, most likely offices, before she walked up the staircase. Toni – no, Iyke’s office was on the first floor of the building. She was still trying to come to terms with the fact that Iyke was a wealthy man. She had stumbled…

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Abducted 19

Abducted Episode 19
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IB 4Chapter 19

‘You’ve been back for three months now, babe,’ Cynthia was saying, ‘And you haven’t been yourself. I understand the inconvenience of being abducted but I thought you said the man didn’t hurt you in anyway.’

‘He didn’t hurt me.’ Ib assured her.

‘Then why the long face? Don’t tell me you miss him?’

‘Miss’ was an understatement.

Ib lay on her bed cuddling the largest teddy bear on it. Cynthia sat on the edge of the bed watching her friend. There was a knock on the door and Mary came into the room with a tray of food.

‘Leave it on my reading table, Mary.’ Ib told her maid. ‘Thank you.’

Before her abduction, the words ‘Thank you’ weren’t in her vocabulary but now her vocabulary had also been expanded to include ‘Please’. Mary smiled as she left the room. Everyone had noticed the change in Ib. Her…

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Abducted 18

Abducted Episode 18
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IB 4Chapter 18

Toni didn’t call Chief Davids as intended because IB fell sick. It had rained non stop for hours and she had exposed herself to the cold despite the fact that he had given her a t-shirt and cardigan earlier.

She had ignored the clothes and lay on her bed throughout the day, her windows open all night. By morning she was freezing and he had a sick woman in his hands.

Of all times to be sick!

Just when he was ready to be rid of her!

Now he had been turned into a nurse or was it an orderly? Taking care of a child was easier, he told himself, and less complicated. You could bathe the child, feed her, read her a bed time story and hold her until she fell asleep, and then monitor her temperature. But taking care of an adult female was so much…

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Abducted 17

Abducted Episode 17
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IB 4Chapter 17

‘You’re infringing on my personal space,’ Toni warned IB.

‘Are you going to lock me up in my room until I am purged of my contempt?’

‘I might just do that.’

‘What are you afraid of? That I might prove you wrong?’ she teased.

‘No such luck Ib. And I am not in the mood for your flirtatious games. I won’t be distracted.’

She grabbed his T-Shirt as he made to get away, and leaned forward so that their faces were only about an inch apart.

‘You are playing with fire, Miss Davids. I might just forget I am meant to be a gentleman and take what you are offering as an addition to what I am going to get from your father.’

The last part of his words was intended to call her to order but IB clearly wasn’t thinking about any other thing other than proving…

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Abducted 15

Abducted 15
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IB 4Chapter 15

Over the next few days, Ibitoru did most of the cooking. As much as she despised these chores she soon got used to them. Toni on the other hand was sometimes nice to her but most of the time, he treated her with indifference but naturally they were becoming more aware of each other as individuals.

She wasn’t comfortable with the feelings she was developing towards him. She had disliked him but with that one kiss he had set her up for, she found that she rarely gave Steve  a thought. She had to force herself to remember that Toni had abducted her, depriving her of the life she was accustomed to and treating her like a servant. She found herself wodnering what he would look like he really smiled, if he didn’t try to look so intimidating. She’d bet he had a beautiful smile.

Whoa, hold on girl…

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Abducted 16



A date had been fixed for Cynthia and Oruye’s traditional marriage. Cynthia was very worried about her friend Ibitoru who was still missing. Why would someone abduct the only daughter of a prominent citizen without demanding for a ransom? She was sure that Ib’s father had stepped on so many toes in his climb up the political ladder but could this be the work of his political opponent? 

He had a son now, Cynthia thought, so Ib was no longer an only child as she’d thought she was. The boy, Damiete Davids, son of one of his mistresses, was presently out of the country.

Ib wouldn’t like the idea of someone else taking her place as the Davids’ heir. Not that the multimillions were still there! The news of the take-over had surprised Cynthia. She had a feeling that IB had been kept in the dark about the takeover and so…

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Abducted 14


IB 4Chapter 14

‘I have enough blisters to last me a life time.’ Ibitoru complained a cutlass in her right hand.

‘Blisters don’t kill,’ Toni informed her. ‘And they won’t stop you from working. Remember, no cutting, no meal for today.’

‘I won’t forget this,’ she swore. ‘You will pay dearly for what you are putting me through.’

‘And I’m so scared,’ he feigned fear, then seriously, ‘start cutting.’

He’d taught her how to cut the grass. It had taken time for her to learn how to hold the handle of the cutlass and while cutting, she had almost cut herself on the leg twice.

She mumbled and grumbled every step of the way. Louder when he made her scrub the floors of the house. She was sweating profusely. There was no light. If she didn’t know better, she would have been convinced that he had brought her here to teach her…

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